Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Finally a Good Gillmor Gang

Addiction Gang Part IV pulls the Gillmor Gang out of a lull and really digs into the media transition we’re going through. I too am optimistic about revenue generation models developing out of this that are far more interesting and sustainable than what we have today.

We just gotta get there. Come on folks, we got work to do.

Monday, 6 February 2006

Wanted – A Better Gillmor Gang

I’m the first to admit I frequently listen podcasts for the guest not the host – TechNation, PodTech, Larry’s World, and more recently – Gillmor Gang.

For the latter, it wasn’t the ads that bugged me, or the hub-bub around them. I’ll fast-forward past them until a new podcast-appropriate ad format is introduced.

I completely agree with Kurtiss Hare on the ad issue:

“[Steve Gillmore] continues to rehash the same point and refuses to raise the level of discourse.”

Yes, it’s great that someone with Earthlink’s reputation is sponsoring podcasts. I’ve had mixed experiences with them (yeah for mobile phone, boo for dsl). Shoehorning radio ads into podcasts won’t change that. Especially one’s I don’t hear. Remember the fast-forward button.

While I really enjoy the high-level strategic discussion of internet and business, I’m finding Steve’s fixation on specific vendors, continual hijacking of the conversation, and insistence that 30 second off-topic ads are cool – all tiresome.

Unsubscribing from the Gillmor Gang leaves a void in my listening and I’m looking for a replacement. Something with the same format – 5 people on a conference call, same topics – companies and how they’re adapting to the changing relationship between customer and vendors, and really heated discussion.

Any suggestions?

Om & Niall’s Podsession and This Week in Tech are both close, but a little too tactial