Clicks vs Impressions

Eminent writer Bob Bly dissects the difference between direct marketers and non-direct marketers.

In my experience, his analysis is spot-on.

I had a client where both mentalities struggled for dominance. The incumbent mentality (non-DM) was all about branding, impression, design, and well known for it. A team of direct marketers was brought in to handle the website. They brought measured click-throughs, ROI, incremental A/B test, all that.

These new tools brought success – but at the price of completely disenfranchising the non-DMers. Not good, at all. In fact, it’s a huge lost opportunity considering the internet gives non-DMers these DM tools out of the box. This means, the brand managers and advertising buyers can know – exactly which 50% of their ad dollars are wasted. About time.

One thought on “Clicks vs Impressions

  1. To over-simplify and generalize: branding is warm, fuzzy, and feels good. Non-DMers are afraid of DM because it makes them accountable and shows that while much of their talk sounds good, it doesn’t perform.

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