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  1. But you’re certainly not going to put that PowerMac G4 in your pocket and be able to use it wherever you go. So I question the use of “more” in this statement.

    1. You’re not going to be able to turn that iPhone into a closet web server when it’s battery no longer stays charged. That’s what ‘more’ means. More life, more capability, more usefulness. The iPhone is fixed. Neutered. There’s no set-it-and-forget-it end-of-life use (e.g. web server in a closet) that has long been a staple of Apple products.

      1. And you’re never going to have that G4 tower with you when you need directions in your car, or want to check a price when you’re at the store.

        They’re two different things. The person who wrote that line seemed to imply in their original comment that Apple is in a stagnant period because that G4 tower from years ago can do things their new phone can’t, so there’s no innovation and the user is somehow getting gipped. But that ignores all the things their phone can do that their G4 tower can’t, and nothing could do (at least not as easily) at the time that G4 tower was new.

        So again, yes, there are things that an old PowerMac can do that no phone can. But it works the opposite way, too. When am I, and most people, ever going to want a web server in a closet? Never. But when my iPad’s battery is dead, I can get it replaced and still use it. Or I could plug in a long cable and continue to use it at home while I sit in a chair. But even then, eventually that iPad won’t be very useful. Just like that G4 tower. I have an old G3 iMac and a G4 iBook that I never use. Trying to still use them on the web is a pain, just like that G4 tower would be. Could I put Linux on them and get more life out of them? Sure, but that’s just more clutter. I’d rather have a single iPad that I replaced every few years than a bunch of old computers that are stuck in the house and do me no good.

        That’s why I said I question the use of “more” in that statement. Because to someone who needs a webserver, maybe it does more. But to someone like me, that G4 tower is just clutter that does far less.

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