iPhoto to WordPress Ruby Script

HijackingWP Script – a little Applescript glue to connect AudioHijackPro (recording podcasts), Transmit (uploading podcasts), and WordPress (publishing and distributing podcasts).

QSPress.rb – Quicksilver to WordPress in Ruby

TwittergramHijacking Script – Applescript that automatically uploads recordings from AudioHijackPro to Dave Winer‘s Twittergram service.

TwitterCoolerTwitter is quiet, and offices are filled with loud, distracting chatter. TwitterCooler remedies this issue.

WP-GotLucky – WordPress Plugin for identifying when your blog post is the first result in Google.

WP-iCal – he WP-iCal plugin turns WordPress into a multi-author, online calendar ready for subscription into Apple’s iCal, Mozilla Calendar or other vCal-friendly app.

WP-iPodCatter – The WP-iPodCatter plugin help podcasters running WordPress create a valid feed for iTunes’ podcast directory and specify the itunes:duration and itunes:explicit tags on a per-episodes basis.

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