Coffee Goes Stale in a Week

Sam over at reminded me of something extremely important – How Long to Store Coffee:

“There is a marked decline in coffee’s flavor over the course of a week after roasting. If memory serves me correctly, something like 70% of the compounds responsible for coffee’s flavor are gone in that time, transformed into something far less pleasant.”

Here at First Crack central, we have 2 air-tight, light-proof containers. One for caff, one for decaf. Stored on the counter-top, never in the fridge.

This evening marks a week since I came down with that nasty something, and those containers haven’t been cracked open since. I’m a 100% – and a little nervous about the state of the beans.

Looks like I’m due for a trip to White Rock.

UPDATE: Yes, I can confirm the coffee in those containers is awful. Sour and sharp, Not refreshing and eye-opening.