Cullect and Why I Built It – UPA-MN Feb 12 ’09 6-8pm @ Open Book

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I’ll be talking about how and why I built, Feburary 12th UPA-MN event at the Open Book, 6-8pm

(Feels good to be back at the UPA-MN, it’s been too long.)

The agenda:

  • Developing a product you will use and the way you will use it.
    Designing the API as the primary user interface.
  • A tour of some of the innovative UI concepts behind Cullect.
  • An activity in which you will be able to play the role of an information curator.

If you’re a fan or customer of Cullect, I hope you’ll be join us. It’ll be more fun if I’m not the only one talking about it.

If you’re not sure what Cullect does, come by as well, as I’d like to get better at articulating it.

$10 members, $30 non-members (only cash and check are able to be accepted at the door)
RSVP: By 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 9, 2009, to