for Curation

As I’ve mentioned before, our lives are multi-faceted. Each facet has its own community of trusted experts. Some are friends, other are colleagues, or simply authoritative in their field.

If you’ve been following my development of Cullect, then you know early on, I switched from the label ‘Editors’ to ‘Curators’ to describe the people behind a reading list.

Curation better describes the what I see as a core function of Cullect – making an easily shareable list of relevant items on a very specific theme. Culling the bad. Collecting the good.

Earlier this week, I talked with a consultancy about how Cullect’s theme-specific (practice area, industry, etc) reading lists could augment their internal knowledge sharing and client relationships. Curated knowledge from your trusted experts.

Last night, via Twitter, Mike Keliher points me to this:

“[Curators are] identifiable subject matter experts who dive through mountains of digital information and distill it down to its most relevant, essential parts.” – Steve Rubel,