– We Read Through Each Other

A couple days ago, Arik Jones – one of the early people in – deleted all his feeds and started over.

He dropped from ~50 feeds down to 4.

His dramatic shift got me thinking about the shared, collaborative, nature of and a notion I’ve been calling “reading through each other.”

Within Cullect, if a post (let’s call it ‘Commenting Post’) in a feed you subscribe to links to another post (‘Original Post’) from a feed you aren’t subscribed to, you can read ‘Original Post’ inline with ‘Commenting Post’ (instead of opening another tab or window).

That’s what I had originally deemed the ‘reading through’ notion.

Back to Arik.

Within Cullect, everyone’s reading list is public. Pick a number, any number. You don’t have to be a curator of that ‘Cullection’ to read. So, you could find a couple Cullections that have most of the feeds you like and some decent curators and drop all your overlapping feeds. Read the /recommended feeds from those Cullections, and start your own Cullection with just your unique feeds.

I don’t know if that’s what Arik did, but it’s not only another way to ‘read through’, but also a way to drive uniqueness in Cullections and save time in reading feeds. Both of which are exactly why I build

If you’ve been waiting to try it out, your first Cullection is now free. Just sign in and import your feeds.

Arik responds:

“I needed focus and I wanted to focus on a subject I do not know very much about….So thank you Cullect (and Garrick Van Buren) for making content comfortably consumable again.”

Excellent point Arik, it’s very easy to start a new Cullection, independent from your other feeds that focuses on a highly specific topic.