Would Like to Thank ShareYourOPML

Dave Winer just retired, one of the early projects that was about discovering and sharing the feeds you read.

One of the things I liked about Share Your OPML is that I could point it at a URL of my feeds rather than uploading a file. I’m not a big fan of uploading when I have something sitting on a server already.

The only problem with this – the silo-ed nature of the current feed readers export to a file more easily than they export to a URL. ShareYourOPML gave out URLs.

Cullect has takes urls on the import and the export. Want the opml for – the comedy reading list Aric and Cayenne are curating? here you go:

Easy to share (and just one of the ways to share your reading list).

Want to see the other reading lists those feeds might be in? Pop over to and look for ‘Also in…’.

Easy to discover (and just one of the ways to find new feeds in Cullect).