Did Twitter Kill This Blog? No, Cullect Did.

No, despite my activity on Twitter, I don’t blame it for my barely bi-monthly postings here. And given Twitter’s uptime (ba-dum-bum) you shouldn’t either.

There’s a far more guilty party; Cullect.com.

Writing posts on Twitter is easy – have a passing thought, write it down. Done.

Writing more than 140 characters is more time consuming. An hour, if I actually collect my thoughts. An hour Cullect whisks away far more easily. Just ask the 10 drafts at this blog, a few more elsewhere, and the 2 coffee review podcasts in the queue.

The few bits of weblog writing I eek out between posts here are probably at Cullect’s blog (though it has a number of unpub’d drafts as well).

3 Other things Cullect has all but eradicated:

Like my newborn daughter, Cullect is only a few weeks old. We’re all still adjusting.

Big thanks to Dan Grigsby for asking.

Update 29 May 2008
Though I’ve picked up the pace since publishing this, I wanted to chime in to Chris Heuer’s question of why I don’t write more often by seconding a few of his excuses:

  • Don’t think I have anything valuable to say
  • Not in the mood