DoubleShot Coffee’s Single-Click Order Dashboard Widget

Yesterday, I came across the DoubleShot Coffee Order Widget.

DoubleShot Coffee, the same Tulsa, OK folks on the receiving end of a trademark infringement claim by Starbucks, just made one giant leap for ecommerce.

Simplicity and Persistence.

After setting up credit card information on the widget’s backside, select one of their 18 coffees from the front and click ‘Order’.

Need more? Do it again.

Best of all, I don’t need to remember their url, bookmark their site, or remember anything. When I want coffee – I hit F12.

That’s how you build highly-passionate and caffeinated customers.

Thanks Brian.

One thought on “DoubleShot Coffee’s Single-Click Order Dashboard Widget

  1. Hey thanks for blogging about my widget! I was pretty excited to get it finished and up on the web. It was a project that started in October and got stalled. Long time coming.
    I saw your 101 sheet about podcasting. I have a podcast that we started last July. We have 30 episodes now. It is about coffee and such. We try to keep it entertaining. It’s called AA Café, and it can be found on iTunes or at feed://
    And I hate to brag, but we have really good coffee!

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