eMac Is a Poor Replacement for a 17 inch Powerbook

The laptop is in the shop this week. Nothing as serious as Sam’s iBook problem, just a handful irritations I wanted to eliminated before the new year.

That list:

  • SuperDrive not accepting discs.
    Just made me realize how infrequently I actually use CD or DVDs.
  • Internal speakers & microphone not working.
    This is a small irritant – especially when I’m podcasting, but I could just plug in a USB audio device and I’d be good.
  • Modem not recognized.
    I’ve never needed it for dial-up internet access, there are times when I need to fax. Not frequently – but enough to remind me to get it fixed.

Until the PowerBook returns, I’m working on an eMac. This particular eMac isn’t happy with the situation. My standard collection of persistently open apps; Mail, NeoOffice, Adium, MarsEdit, NetNewsWire, Safari, iTunes – is just too much for it.