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Thanks to Doug Adams’ script, Current Track to Twitter v1.5, if you follow me via Twitter you’ll get continual updates on what I’m listening to.

I’m digging Twitter as way to automatically publish in the background. I can keep my flow and we can stay connected.

I see this quality that’ll keep Twitter from being Pet Rock 2.0. If more and more people can ‘tweet’ without thinking about it (via the API, not the browser) Twitter fades into the background, like the internet itself.

5 thoughts on “Follow My iTunes via Twitter

  1. Problem is my Twitter stream is flooded with your tune picks if I add you as a friend. Fun to check on what you’re listening to from time to time, but too much data to add to my personal Twitter stream.

  2. Do you use! Just connect your profile as your blog url with a link to your blog here.

    If you are on add me,

    I agree with everyone about the over flowing. Some people use foxytunes and tweet their songs all the time or friendfeed but I think again that is over flooding your twitter stream if you are following music trends like I am. I think though it depends on what your followers will tolerate.

    It’s a great idea though if some people want to see that. I following the song lists from international music websites all the time but that is only because I am looking at music listening trends.

    See here:

    Thanks for sharing.

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