Garrick’s Top 4 Favorite Tech Gadgets

In the ‘machine shop’ in the basement – I don’t have many tools. Even fewer of any quality. Even so, there are 2 screwdrivers that I’ve had for decades . These 2 screwdrivers have never let me down – whatever I ask of them.

My accumulation of computer gadgets is similar. Despite the volume of technology in my house – only a small fraction of it is ready for service – day in and day out.

  1. Leica Digilux 1

    Purchased in 2002 for ~$850
    All through high school & college, I had the same workhorse Pentax SLR. Photography class after photography class it never let me down. I loved that camera. Still do. When I saw the Digilux 1, I knew it’d be a worthy digital replacement. And it has been. Just used it again today. It goes from point-n-shoot to completely manual in seconds. The lens is fantastic and the shutter speed still astounds me a decade later. I still get great joy out of setting up the shot, holding down the button, and finding the best shot out of the 50 it takes in a few seconds.
  2. Apple Airport Express

    Purchased ~2004 for ~$100
    This one Airport Express has extended the range of the (many times replaced) main router for 6 years and two houses. It does great work. It never complains (unlike the main router).
  3. Amazon Kindle 2

    Received as a Gift ~2008
    The Kindle’s such an understated device. Quiet. Patient. Amazing battery life. While I only read on it a couple times a month. It’s always there. Read to server on a moment’s notice. Just like any one of my printed books.

    “…this is a device that always seems content with itself. Just sitting there, not caring if you pick it up or not. Like a book.” – Tom Armitage

  4. Virgin Mobile MiFi

    Purchased in 2010 for $150
    It’s so comforting to know that a fast, reliable, 3-hour internet connection is always available – for whatever device I’m using at the time. I keep the MiFi in my bag – and don’t worry about its remaining battery (charges off USB) or if my $40/month has run out. Both can be resolved in seconds after I turn it on.

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  1. I’m looking in to buying one of the MiFi devices for the public radio program I work on. What kind of actualized upload/download throughput do you get? Is the connection pretty reliable?

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