Gate 3 Work Club Opens

The Gate 3 Work Club officially opens this week in Emeryville, CA.

The culture of work in the US is dramatically changing. No longer segregated to the industrial parks and office buildings, knowledge workers and other members of the Creative Class are more mobile, more collaborative, and more flexible with their work.

This cultural change creates an opportunity ripe for the picking. Gate 3 Work Club is the first to pluck.

Gate 3 WorkClub is a flexible, “out of the office” workspace, designed to meet your needs – whether you work for a corporation or for yourself….Gate 3 WorkClub members discover an alternative to noisy cafes and the isolation of home offices.

All the amenities of a “real” office are there:

…WiFi, conference rooms, copiers, printers, phone, mail service.

My initial reaction is that the overhead could be lower. A place like this doesn’t need to be furnished by Herman Miller, IKEA would be fine. I also say nix the workstations and wired internet – those in need of a place like this already have laptops with wifi and mobile phones.

In all, best of luck to Gate 3 Work Club on their opening. I expect to see more competitors and locations soon.

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