“George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”

Anyone else catch this on NBC’s Concert for Hurricane Relief?

The man that said it was on camera with Michael Myers. I didn’t recognize him. Did you?

According to PBCLiberal, it was non-NBC talking head Kayne West

Video can be found at Zebrality

Looks like I heard something different, the quote being reported is:

“George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” West said. “They’re saying black families are looting and white families are just looking for food…they’re giving the (Army) permission to shoot us.”

It’s great that NBC’s lawyer needed to state the obvious;

“….his opinions in no way represent the views of the networks. “

Like PBCLiberal stated, if West’s opinions did or the lawyers didn’t have to state the obvious, the network might actually have a fighting chance against cable, Fox, netflix, and your nephew’s video blog.

West’s comments definitely didn’t “ruin” the show, his authentic, unscripted comments they made it worth talking about. This post and all the others linked to in wouldn’t exist otherwise. Nor would I have known who Kayne West is or how he really feels about how the Katrina is being handled. Kudos for West for sticking his neck out. Shame on NBC for not understanding that unscripted is far more valuable and interesting than poorly written cue cards.

But if NBC doesn’t want viewers talking about them, I’m happy to not tune into them.

iFilm has the video also. I’ve corrected the title of this post to accurately reflect West’s comment. Though I’m starting to question the decision of changing this post’s title. Seems Liz Vang and He’ll Quit the Game” also heard “hates”.

Hmmm. Interesting.

8 thoughts on ““George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”

  1. , not sure where you are from, but in America in 2005 there are more black, Asians, Hispanic the whites, I am kinda tired of hearing the race thing, it is very played out. I am white and poor, yet can I get a free scholarship because of my skin color. It is assumed because I am white I have more opportunities then black people. Not true. There is reverse discrimination in America against whites because people think they will be called raciest if they don’t give blacks more opportunity then whites. Just curious when are black people going to stop living in the past and look toward the future. Also how many years were black people slaves in the US, 100? 200? 300? Jews were slaves in Egypt for 4000 years

  2. i was stunned watching kayne say george bush dosent care about black people. i wondered what happened after they cut off the cameras the nbc executives probally escorted kayne from the building. i give him props for saying though i think it needed to be said. its kind of messed up if a white family has food they were given it but if a black family gets food they stole it.

  3. look bro

    Whatever you say alot of people listen to you… me for one… I am a white boy who listen’s to the shit you say… Who are you to say what Bush does not like blacks… cuz I am young and there is alot of shit i dont know but i do know that it’s hard to be a president… anyone can sit back and say what he/she is doing wrong… there is so much shit that our president knows that you don’t !

    As an american citicen I believe in our president and put my faith in him to lead this country…

    anyone who wants to prosper in life needs to be knowledgeable in whatever he/she wants to pursue in life, so dont speak bout shit you have no knowledge about ! because so many people listen to you including my friends !

    Kayne: as for white people waiting two years b4 they can say a word that is ” Cool”…

    I have many black and white friends and we do everything together no matter wtf it is b-ball, music, chasin girls chillin together…. I relate to my friends no matter what color they is we all have love for each other and ain’t no one gonna fuck w/ my friends w/out retaliation… and ain’t nothin gonna change the relatioship we have… Including the shit you say !…

    Underwood !

  4. West:

    Who is :

    “They’re saying black families are looting and white families are just looking for food…they’re giving the (Army) permission to shoot us.�

    Who is sayin that bush ?

    Wtf cuz???!!!????

    I wanna know who is sayin that ! You say : They” we’ll who is “they” ?

    I wanna know who in the government/ military is sayin this shit bro !

    I can tell you that I think that shit is bias !…


    OKI-town…. Japan !!

  5. Noone’s saying it other than frustration. If Bush hates blacks, then the Mayor down there must hate them too, or is he just incompetent? We need each other.

  6. well it would be nice if every one could be treated the same, but that seam hard to do, in america some people do wrong they are send to jail, but the ones break into the country they get a pat on the back like they have done a good job, i truely feel wrong is wrong you can not make it right, when people come from other countrys they have a better chance than the american people, this is not no reverse discrimination this is just the the way it is, it has been like this for over four hunder years for blacks the hate is still here and it want go away, but god will fix all of this real soon,just keep the faith.

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