Heading for the Mountains – Where Else?

Later this month, Jen and I are taking a quick road trip west to break in the PT Cruiser. We’ll be getting as far as Boulder, CO and swinging through Kansas City, KS on the return trip.

I’m itching to see some mountains, and I’ve heard great things about both Boulder and Denver. Outside of that, we’re open.

Got any suggestions on must-see, must-do, or must-meet? I’m open.

2 thoughts on “Heading for the Mountains – Where Else?

  1. Hi Garrick – Thanks for the talk last night – very interesting!
    I have some Denver restaurant recommendations: Zengo – it’s expensive and reservations are needed but it’s delicious, weird latino-asian fusion food in a cool location. Le Central – affordable French cuisine; (my mom loves the mussels but I think all mussels are kind of gross). My favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver is the Moosehill Cantina.
    Have fun! Amy

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