Hictu.com Has Audio & Video Twittergrams

Looks like Hictu.com already has the Flash-based recorder Dave talked about.

Like Jaiku, you can add other feeds to your profile basically aggregating and auto-posting. No, Hictu doesn’t have an API (at least obviously).

Ha. Punny.

Yes, the ‘micro-blogging’ space is getting as silly as the social network, ‘start page’, and to-do list manager spaces.

Too many silos – all aggregating the same stuff for a slightly different group of people. I predict in 9 months one of 3 things will happen:

  1. An open source, de-centralized, install-on-your-own server version will be developed (think WordPress) based on OpenID.
  2. Everyone will abandon their accounts and move on to the next cool trend.
  3. We’ll all be managing multiple profiles to multiple ‘micro-blogging’ services in the same way we manage multiple profiles across multiple instant messaging services (a la Adium/Trillian/Gizmo Project).

Yes, they’re ranked according to my preference.


“And in the social media space we’re fickle. We’ll change a product (as long as our clique comes along too), like we change our underwear.” – Eric Rice

“For all their goodness, these ‘networks’ are silly. They are also as temporary and annoying in their competitive isolation as Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL were, back in the day (or the decade). Those things were Net-unfriendly long before their surviving members became Net-native.” – Doc Searls