How ‘Bout Just the Lot?

As expected, the contractor that bought our old place is now selling the lot. If you were interested in the location, but not so much the house itself. It is now a blank canvas. Build as you wish.

Reminds me of scene from the Chevy Chase classic Fletch Lives (which, coincidentally, I saw at the now boarded-up theater in the Village):

Fletch: [flirting] Hey Betty, how about lunch at the In N’ Out Burger?

Betty Dilworth: [disgusted] No.

Fletch: Okay, forget the burger, how about just the In N’ Out?

[she sneers at him]

Fletch: Ok, how about just the In?

One thought on “How ‘Bout Just the Lot?

  1. There’s profit to be made in buying a house, spending the money to tear it down, then reselling the same parcel MINUS the house?


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