I Thought Europe Was Already a Museum ;)

“In that scenario Europe survives as an Asian and American theme park, with the manual labor done by Muslims. The French and German lifestyle will continue, but with smaller numbers and as a kind of museum piece.” – Tyler Cowen

The rallying cry for change:

Europe is too rich, too lazy and lacks a dream, a focus. And I am not quite sure if Europe values its liberties and its civilisation enough to fight for it, now that it is being challenged. Europe needs a wake up call. – Marcel Bullinga

Back over at Marginal Revolution:

“…when I think carefully about what delights me [about Europe] I find that it is less anything developed since World War II and more the remnants of the Europe that existed before the First World War.” – Andrew Smith


“A report by Eurochambers, the Brussels-based business lobby, published on Monday (5 March) argues that the US reached the current EU rate of GDP per capita in 1985 and its levels in employment and research investment almost 30 years ago.” – Lucia Kubosova, EU Observer

“If all of Europe looked like its postwar construction, Americans would be less likely to admire European policies and political institutions.” – Tyler Cowen