I’d Rather I Could Read You Here

“the more time I spend w/ FriendFeed, the less I like it. I’d rather read y’all through my own blog.”

If services like Friendfeed, Twitter, etc, have an innovation, it’s in present reading and publishing in the save view. This single view – often described as ‘presence’ or ‘social-ness’ – makes it easy to write a comment or publish a new idea quickly.

The 2…3…4? blogs I maintain is where I feel the most comfortable exploring and archiving ideas1. Yet the one (apparently killer) feature the popular weblog tools lack is this combined view. I’m thinking of the ability to easily initiate a reply on one weblog/service that can be read in its entirety on another weblog/service – without a click.

Separate places distracts and dilutes.

“By keeping me posting small thoughts all day long, I have less urgency to capture those thoughts in longer, more fleshed out blog posts. It eats away at my time, the continual partial attention it requires saps cycles from my brain’s CPU and in the end what do I have?” – Dave Slusher

Now, imagine loading up feeds into a WordPress install and reading them the same way you read things within FriendFeed or Twitter or WhatHaveYou2.0. The writing process would remain the same, and when a post is published – it’s sent to all the other sites/services that are subscribed to the feed.

Weblogs today aren’t far off. The difference is immediacy and a read/write combined presentation. There’s nothing requiring a weblog post to; be larger or smaller than some arbitrary number of characters, have comments, categorization, or any number of other things that separate it from ‘microblogging’ tools.

Perhaps you feel more comfortable publishing through Twitter or YouTube or Utterz than a weblog proper. This difference should be as meaningless as our respective carriers when we’re chatting on the phone.

1. This post originally started as a comment on FriendFeed, but the lack of paragraphing and a few other annoyances sent me here.