In the Twucket

Aaron Fruit pointed me to a screenshot of Rebisoft‘s new Twitter client, Twucket.

Yes, in fact, the purple arrow with the caption, “Click a user’s image to open their Twitter page…” points right at my chin. er did.

Neat. I’m even happier they caught me writing about Cullect.

UPDATE: According to J, Rebisoft updated their graphic. Strange, so I grabbed the image from MacUpdate

2 thoughts on “In the Twucket

  1. Umm. Garrick, you might want to unlink that “points right at my chin” link. For some reason, the image is no longer the screenshot diagram and instead is a hairy buttcrack. Seriously.

  2. LOL, yeah, I have an anti-image-leeching system in place for (mainly to thwart the dozens of people who direct-link to my animated Mr Hankey graphic for their profiles on various forums). So anyone who wants to show this image, or others, on their website needs to make their own copy. Sorry this led to inadvertant hairy butt-crack showing on your site, Garrick!

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