Initial Reaction to the Barnes & Noble Nook

First off, the Kindle is the only device I that made my heart drop when it feel on the floor and broke.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s not a perfect device. Overall it feels slow and clunky. Simultaneously, it gets out of my way and is cool enough to let me get swallowed up by the book I’m reading.

Barnes & Noble’s recently announced Nook competitive offering solves a couple issues I have with the Kindle – while also introducing a couple more.

(Note – my thoughts here are based on the pictures @ – I haven’t played with one yet)

Where the Nook seems to have improved on the Kindle:

  • Sleek looking pagination buttons
  • WIFI

Where the Kindle still has the lead:

  • Doesn’t show me the books I’m not reading (in distracting color) while I’m reading one (in monochrome).
  • hardware keyboard

I’m also not seeing the benefit of the Nook’s ‘lending ebooks to a friend’ feature.

Lending books only makes sense if two things are true: a book is expensive, a book is scarce. The function of the internet and ebooks is to render both of these false.