Innately Index Me


This morning Andy Parkinson pointed to his Innate Index project. And since narcissism is the perfect way to start a Monday, I indexed myself.

That’s the graph above.

“The Innate Index is a brief personality inventory based on the five factor personality model that has been shown to be associated with a variety of school, life, career and relationship success outcomes. The Innate Index is intended to provide you with information about key aspects of your personality and style.”

That’s nice and while self-reporting can provide satisfying results – it’s one of the least accurate methods of reporting. So, I’m very pleased to see Innate Index make it easy for others to index you.

Yes – Innate Index makes it easy for your friends and fans to rate your personality, with a simple link to 45 multiple choice questions.

I’m intrigued. If you are as well – innately index me.