Introducing Garrick-by-the-Month

Sometimes you could use a small boost on a web project. Maybe the
small boost is help refining a use experience design. Maybe
it’s quickly building out the first version of a new web app.
Maybe it’s simply having access to a trusted advisor on a regular basis.

These projects don’t require a full-time user experience consultant
or a full-time developer – though they benefit from the expertise
of both.

To help you move those projects forward – I’m pleased to announce
my consulting services are now available as a monthly subscription.

Each of the 4 monthly subscription tiers are designed to give you
and your project that small boost – with the appropriate degree
of engagement.

TIER 1: START UP – $250/month
I’ll be another pair of eyes for your team – reviewing your
strategy, user experience and help you identify the next steps for
your project and help you maintain forward progress.
6 month minimum.

TIER 2: GUIDE RAIL – $1000/month
If you have an existing web application – I’ll help you add new
functionality or optimize existing functionality. For new products
– I’ll help you architect a product strategy and interview customers
to help identify the core product offerings.
3 month minimum.

TIER 3: BUILD OUT – $2500/month
I’ll lead your user experience design and we’ll build some early
prototypes with core functionality.
3 month minimum.

TIER 4: LAUNCH READY – $5000/month
I’ll lead your user experience or development effort to build the
core functionality and we’ll launch a beta.
3 month minimum.