Introducing: RE07.US – The Greenest URL Shortener


According to a recent post by, a link in Twitter is clicked for 5 minutes, then completely ignored.

That got me thinking about all the wasted short urls out there. So many tinyurl,,, et al, links just collecting dust after all that initial clicking.

Seems so wasteful considering “the current economic climate”. Maybe, we don’t need all those URLs. Maybe we should tighten our belts and limit ourselves to 1 short url – and continually reuse it.

With that in mind, I built HTTP://RE07.US. It’s 1 short url that we can all share.

All long URLs get shortened to the same link: RE07.US. And, it will be shortened to that – until someone else shortens their long URL to RE07.US. And so on and so on.


5 thoughts on “Introducing: RE07.US – The Greenest URL Shortener

  1. I also run a short url service and i really cant see how your system will work. If I make a url and someone else makes one 2 seconds later I will be posting a link to someone elses page?

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