As soon as I got my new phone, I turned the ringer off. I’m alerted of new messages and calls via BluePhoneElite – not disturbing anyone else in earshot.

It’s quiet in the house during the day, no constant tv or radio. Interupptions of all kinds are reduced to a minimum.

Elsewhere, TVs are blaring, satellite radio jabbering, phones are ringing, car alarms are going off, all while civilized people are trying to have civilized conversations at a civilized volume.

So, no we can’t complain about ADD and be excited about a new way to buy ringtones.

2 thoughts on “iPollution

  1. Love gotvoice.com. I got in at the start so most of my features are still free. I think they started charging for some basics a while ago. Now I just let my phone take the messages and hear them at my computer when I feel like it.

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