Jonathan Coulton Spells Jonathan Coulton

I can’t believe I haven’t raved about Jonathan Coulton here yet. He’s been on heavy rotation since I stumbled across Ikea nearly a year ago. The honesty and bizarre humor of his song writing is matched with some of the catchiest guitar riffs.

Everytime I hear Skullcrusher Mountain I envision Skeletor serenading an increasingly uncomfortable She-Ra.

Screwed is one of those songs you play over and over again as you come to terms with doing something really, really stupid. Flip that sentiment around and you’ve got First of May and Laptop Like You. Both magical tunes for nothing-can-go-wrong days.

Ok, two more.

That Spells DNA – “D-N-A, baby that Spells D-N-A” still cracks me up.

Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance on the night life of NPR commentators. Brilliant. Just Brilliant – though I prefer the Terry Gross version.

Buy the way, after you give these songs a listen give Jonathan a few bucks. He’s trying to make a go of doing this as a day job.

In the early seasons of the Gilmore Girls, Grant Lee Philips played a strolling Troubador. Jonathan Coulton is a Troubador for the 21st Century.