Kongrats to Kris with a K

Since the beginning of podcasting I’ve looked to Kris Smith to make a go of it professionally in a way that feels right (selling services) verses some of the smarmier approaches I’ve seen (CPM, shoehorning the broadcast network model).

Today, Kris announced he’s leaving Room 214, the marketing firm he joined at the beginning of the year.

There’s a conversation started about re-invorgating podcast-o-land – and I’d keep an eye on Kris if you want to see how it’s done in a smart way.

3 thoughts on “Kongrats to Kris with a K

  1. Ed, the work Kris did w/ NASCAR and the NFL were ads in their own right. They didn’t need anything wrapped around them to work. That to me is far more interesting than cutting holes in other things for ads.

  2. Garrick, thank you for the post! It means quite a bit to me to hear such nice things from a person who has as much experience online.

    And someday when it is all said and done I might be able to get something on my headstone like, “done in a smart way”.

    @ed – who is that handsome bald devil in that video?

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