Law Firm Hosts Fashion Show, That’s Like Blogging

Tonight Jen and I attended PKR&G‘s Never Out of Fashion show. Yes, in the interest of full disclosure, our invitation was part of our 6 part PKR&G podcast series at the First Crack.

Howard Rubin kicked off the event asking, “Why does a law firm host a fashion show?”

The same reason you’d blog. Here’s the break down;

  1. Give people a reason to talk about you. (your remarkableness)
  2. Highlight the people and places you know. (their remarkableness)
  3. Connect your community of customers to each other. (our remarkableness)

Does it work?

  1. If I need a lawyer and my uncle can’t help me, you know who I’m calling. Hugh says, “25% of conversations in the blogosphere about ‘South African Wine’ are now about Stormhoek”. I only know of one law firm hip to podcasting and fashion, yeah, they’re in Minneapolis.
  2. I only know of one other law firm in Minneapolis. Why would I choose PKR&G over them? PKR&G reinforced our relationship with this fashion show event. That’s it….for now. For me, blogging is the easiest way to answer the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately question.
  3. If you ask me what the hippest hotel in Minneapolis is, it’s Graves 601. Seriously. It is.

How doesn’t it work?

One thought on “Law Firm Hosts Fashion Show, That’s Like Blogging

  1. From my past work experiences, when I think law firm, I think of seriously conservative suits (with pantyhose for the women). Even the summer associates wore horribly frumpy suits. I’m not trying to be snarky — just trying to understand the fit between law and fashion. Sure people might hear your name, but do businesses looking for representation go by that sort of name recognition? It seems like they’re trying too hard to be “cool” and brings to mind another quote from Hugh, “Like I’ve said before, watching Madison Avenue trying to get on the Cluetrain is a bit like watching a middle-age guy trying to pick up a college girl in a bar.”

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