Learning Ruby in 3 Weeks

A year ago I dropped REALbasic. Since then, I’ve struggled to get my head around Cocoa and Objective-C.

With the recent hype around Ruby on Rails, I started looking at Ruby and found a Ruby/Objective-C bridge. To me, this means there’s a huge potential to have tightly-integrated desktop and web-based applications in a single, easy-to-maintain language. Therefore putting a different spin on REALbasic’s cross-platform promise, while still giving me platform-specific functionality.

With this in mind, I’ve picked up the ebook version of Sam’s Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 days. I’ll be joining Al Abut in his effort to learn Ruby and blog along the way.

One thought on “Learning Ruby in 3 Weeks

  1. Sweet, welcome aboard! I’m excited to get going and tomorrow’s the big day – I’ve been patiently waiting to get started for weeks and can’t wait to get my first collaborative project rolling.

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