License Recalled

Mattel Inc, recalls 9 million toys after recalling 1.5 millon.

All the recalled products are licensed – Barbie, Batman, Big Bird, Cars, Dora, Elmo, Thomas (shakes fist).

Back In My DayTM, very few licensed toys were allowed in the house. I’m sure it was a combination of the ickyness of branding your child, the sensitivity of a developing imagination, and because I remember them being more expensive.

These days, I’m sure the products are subsidized by the license-owner’s marketing budget, making the toys cheaper, more plentiful, and hazardous to your health. Makes me confident in my position to severely limit licensed products in my home as well.

One thought on “License Recalled

  1. Right on, Garrick. Our house has nearly no branded toys, either. Has been that way from the start. Making toddlers/kids “brand fanatics” (to coin an actual ad agency’s term, though used for adults) is downright “icky” (to coin your term).

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