Look + See: Curation in Eyewear

I just picked up a new pair of glasses from George over at Look + See Eyecare in Minneapolis.

Until I found Look + See, I was weary of eyewear places. It was a classic case of the paradox of choice. Lots of potential options and difficulty discerning differences without trying on every pair in the store.

George and I actively ignored the vast majority of the frames in the store. We may have gone through 5 frames – out of the hundreds on the walls. Five. Cause, really, how many times do you want to say ‘No’?

Plus, picking 1 from the 5 George recommended was easy.

While part of my final bill was for frames and lenses, part is also for George’s expert curation and recommendations. I don’t want discount that. Remember, the fire hose is free….

2 thoughts on “Look + See: Curation in Eyewear

  1. Now wait a minute. Are you so hopeless that you would, conceivably, try on every pair of glasses in an eyeglass store before having a feel for what you like? That seems highly unlikely.

    And don’t most people go into a search for news with the same attitude? They probably already have a good feel for what interests them. It’s not a blind quest.

  2. Ed,

    I was hoping to express the idea that: potential options are quickly reduced to a manageable number and then to an obvious decision with the right outside expertise.

    Many of my daily choices are now self-serve meaning – is no one more knowledgeable than myself is assisting in decision making (meaning – learning to make better decisions comes more slowly).

    Lastly, I’m not interested in most people.

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