Lucero Survived the Culling of SXSW Showcase Music

I’ve got a smart iTunes playlist set up entitled ‘Getting Things Done’ – it holds my tried and true favorites, songs that are just the right combination of ‘covering background noise’ (lawn mowers and road construction) and ‘keep me motivated’.

Specifically, the list contains tracks I’ve rated greater than 2 stars that aren’t in my ‘Most Played’ list (play count > 18) and aren’t podcasts or audio books.

So it’s a nice mix of 118 songs. Right off the bat That Much Further West played from Lucero. A great tune by a band reminding of the best parts of Uncle Tupelo, the Replacements, and any number of long broken up indy country bands.

Lucero came to me via the SXSW 2005 Showcasing Artists download. That’s right 2.6+ gigs of indy music – and I’ve got 70 unplayed songs left. Lucero and 615 others stay, all the death metal – gone.

Other surviving SXSW Showcasing Artists:
Go Betty Go
Daphne Loves Derby
Richmond Fontaine
Melissa Ferrick
Hayes Carll
Linus Pauling Quartet
Rob McColley

4 thoughts on “Lucero Survived the Culling of SXSW Showcase Music

  1. maybe. but the rob mccolley album you posted is not nearly so hitchhiker orientated as the one featuring the song “box of wormgears” (as in marvin saying “my life is nothing but a box of wormgears” in the swamps of squornshellous zeta) nor the one featuring the song about the paranoid android gently weeping.

    but cheers to the linus paulings. and here’s to hoping they only consume half the vitamin c they need per day.

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