Mental Exercise: Armored Trucks


Sitting in traffic yesterday, an armored Dunbar truck drove by in the other lane – not unlike the one in the photo above.

All I know about armored trucks is that carry cash. Everything I know about cash is that it’s going digital (debit cards / automated deposits & withdrawals, etc). At some point I suspect the demand for armored trucks to transport cash will be nearly non-existent.

In that world – what would they transport?

Best I could come up with: database servers loaded terabytes of archival financial data.

Then it struck me: servers only have value when plugged in and turned on.

Disconnect something from the internet – and it’s value inherently falls, say, 90%.

If the inverse is true – put an asset on the internet and its value increases 10x – I’m even less concerned about a shrinking manufacturing sector.

I am however still searching for how armored trucks could serve us when all currency goes digital.

Any ideas?

One thought on “Mental Exercise: Armored Trucks

  1. Though digital currency is superior, to say the least, it will be many, MANY years before physical currency is replaced.

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