Mike Keliher on Short URL Trust

“When you see a TinyURL, you have no idea what the link is going to point you to. Viruses, spyware, porn and all sorts of other unwanted or inappropriate stuff are just a click away. …what if you actually could trust a shortened URL?….The need for safety and security online will not go away. Don’t worry: Smart people like Garrick will be here to help.” – Mike Keliher

Thanks Mike.

Culld.us is the URL shortening system powering grv.me & minnpo.st (and others). Drop me a line if you’d like to hear more about how it integrates with your existing online publications.

One thought on “Mike Keliher on Short URL Trust

  1. Beyond the URL itself, the sender’s credibility and surrounding content play a role in determining whether something may be appropriate or not.

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