My Heritage Finds Alan Turing in a Tree

This morning, Jen and I were playing with‘s facial recognition system.

Here you can see the MyHeritage system found Jen’s face and someone lurking in the bushes.

Who could it be hiding in the Belgian forest?

Perhaps British mathematician, logician, and cryptographer Alan Turing?
Alan Turing

Maybe, star of television’s Baywatch and Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff (I’ve heard he’s big in Germany)?
David Hasselhoff

Or prehaps German-born author Anne Frank?
Ann Frank

2 thoughts on “My Heritage Finds Alan Turing in a Tree

  1. Hilarious!

    So I tried to save your image as jenandtree.jpg on my desktop, cut out the bushes in the rectangle and submitted it myself to, which does the same thing, but hasn’t gotten as much publicity except through a “friends” network (Yes, I’m a friend of a friend of a …, well you get the idea)

    I got a a hilarious response from HashThySelf too, but it wasn’t an image match. It was in fact a poem.

    Can you try it and tell me if you get the same thing. (BTW, HashThySelf doesn’t seem to require registrations or logins)

    Manda (Ginger)

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