My Long Bet Against Mobile Carriers: Update 1

Late last year, I extended my T-Mobile contract 2 years.

When I signed it, I had a hunch it will be the last time I’m locked into an agreement like that.

Now, I’m confident – so confident that if I was holding any mobile carrier stock, I’d start shorting.

A couple weeks back, we got a great deal on a 5-day trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We booked it, made arrangements for the kids and packed out bags.

I left the laptop and my Nokia at home – taking my iPod Touch and the Kindle.

Wifi was everywhere – in the airports, Starbucks, probably more places as well – all along the way. While the hotel was only confident of their wifi covering their lobby, coverage was fine in our room.

I was able to check email, Twitter, Cullect, and we used Skype to talk with everyone back home. All on the iPod Touch all over the hotel’s wifi.

When we returned home this weekend, my Nokia greeted me with.

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2 thoughts on “My Long Bet Against Mobile Carriers: Update 1

  1. Wow! Must have been good hotel wifi. Typically I find that hotels have such poor wifi that I switch over to EVDO where it is slow but reliable.

  2. Step 1: Get rid of cable television service. Replace with: (i.e. boxee)
    Step 2: Get rid of cellular phone provider. Replace with: (i.e. Skype)
    Step 3: Get rid of IRS. Replace with: (i.e. no one) šŸ™‚ I can dream.

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