Niche like a Weather Forecast

Eric Rice asks about the relationship between niche information and income levels.

At first glance, I don’t think there’s a relationship. Everything is niche. I trust people all along the income scale are looking for very relevant information. Though, it could be I live so far down the tail, that I doubt the existence of a head altogether. This is why I think a spatula is more accurate metaphor than a tail. The ‘head’ erodes.

Sure – interests in Second Life, golf, fine wine, yachting, NASCAR, or prices of milk at Wal-Mart may ebb and flow along the income scales, but I’m not sure how those topics aren’t niche. Just like the weather forecast in a given geographic location. Increased income may support greater levels of specialization of interest – and easier access to the specialized information.

From Eric’s later post makes me think the core of the issue he’s raising is one of media (perhaps specifically – internet) literacy. In that case, perhaps we could make a broad sweeping statement about a relationship between income and media literacy. Though my gut says that’s generational and temporary.

There’s huge value in learning to edit video, record audio, and publish it – in understanding how media can express an idea. Lots of us have been doing this for so long we can’t remember a time when we didn’t. is introducing the participatory nature of this new world to a whole new group of folks. Newbies?