P&G Cuts Network TV Ad Spending 5 Percent

In response to unconfirmed rumors Procter & Gamble Co is cutting TV ad buys, Mark Ramsey asks, “What do you think this says about advertising from the perspective of a company that knows as much about it as anybody?”

Exactly. When a company with a 130 year history of advertising says something isn’t working, it’s time we all rethink our marketing dollar.

A while back, I offered an argument on the benefits of interruption marketing (only the good stuff is worth interrupting).

I’m a far bigger fan of product placement. Sounds like Mark is also. I think it’s far more representative of real life. For example, from where you’re sitting right now, how many items can you see with a name on it; books, cans, boxes, photos, anything?

(I stopped counting at 10, when my eyes hit the bookshelf)

All of that’s product placement. Is it obnoxious, disingenuous, and annoying? I hope not.