Phone Battery Dead No More

For a couple weeks straight, I kept forgetting to charge my phone overnight. A single charge is only good for a couple days, so I was stuck with a useless phone more than I’d like. With my addiction to BluePhoneElite, not having my T610 charged is like not having a phone at all.

One day it got so bad, I ran to the local Dunn Bros. and called Jen using Skype.

To prevent being phone-less again, I picked up Zip-Linq USB phone charger. Yes, like a miracle of modern technology, the phone charges off the USB port.

The package from Zip-Linq comes with a half dozen adaptors, for all the major phone brands. This means you can be even more popular at the office – by charging your co-workers dead phones off your USB drive.

I’m quite happy with it out of the box. If that changes, you’ll be the first to know.

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