Pre-Order eBook for Your iPad or Kindle – $25

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’ve been pointing to posts written 1, 2,…5 years ago. You may also notice that I’ve been rambling about ebooks as well.

If you suspected I’m reviewing my 6+ year blog archive and curating it for an ebook – I am, and you are most clever.

How will this be different than just reading here or in my beloved feed reader?

  1. Expanded, ebook only, elaboration on the larger themes and ideas explored here.
  2. Access to the ebook-only discussion group, where I’ll be posting drafts and posing questions.
  3. Organization and categorization more usable on ebook readers.
  4. Pre-orderers will be listed in the Acknowledgements section
  5. Pre-orderers will receive an affiliate link to share with friends – and receive $5 for each ebook ordered with that link.
  6. Part of this experiment is to find out.

What about comments?
At this point – I’m not inclined to include the comments in the ebook version unless they provide significant insight or clarity to the topic – in which case, I’ll link to the comment on the live site.

When can I expect it?
I’m expecting to complete this project before Thanksgiving 2010.
For those of you pre-ordering, I’ll send out updated ebooks as each section is completed – anticipating your comments & feedback. Yes, very similar to Pragmatic Programmers’ Beta Book program that I’m so fond of.

Pre-order: $25