Prepare Your Pocketbooks

“Launching a paytoplay service in the midst of free alternatives makes little sense…But there’s a lot more to the conversation.” – Aaron Mentele

Heh. That’s why the next web app I launch, I’m charging. A pile. Get ready cause, I’m looking at your pocketbook.

Seriously, if you want to get in on the action early, show me the money. At least 3 digits. I’m not so much looking for angels as lifetime account holders.

4 thoughts on “Prepare Your Pocketbooks

  1. While charging may make sense for some web services, if the value of the service correlates with the number of users, or if there is a possibility of market domination, providing a free product may be a solid option. Actually, FeedBurner’s model worked well: provide a free and nearly free product, corner the market on the service, then build an ad model for the real revenue on top of it.

    PS: This is either a really small text box or I write too much.

  2. I’m not crazy ’bout YAAN* – say it out loud – they seem like cop-outs. If AdSense has taught us anything – inventory is a magnitude greater than ads sold. That’s great for buyers and crap for both sellers & audience.


    @ed kohler – As I wrote previously, I’m not convinced Google bought Feedburner for their revenue model.

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