How to Use a Calendar – Enterprise Edition




For the first half of my career I only had one calendar – my employer-provided Outlook calendar. It started at 9am (or was it 7am?) five (or six) days a week and ended at 5pm (or was it 8pm?). Either way, I only needed it for client meetings (that I was always late for) and project deadlines (that were always missed).

Oh, the simple life.

Since then, my work life and my non-work life have exponentially increased in complexity. I’m fortunate enough to be able to have both loaded into my so I can see them simultaneously. In fact, my currently has seven distinct calendars within it. You might need to keep a hard separation of work & non-work calendars (I commend you for that).

It is at work that some of us are first required to learn how to coordinate with others, what commitment means, how to chunk work out, and how to estimate the duration of our tasks. This is even before we learn how to maximize the effectiveness of meetings and other collaboration techniques. In short, work is the first place where we need to learn How to Use a Calendar.

It’s all needed, whether you have just a work-provisioned Outlook calendar or you’re managing a half-dozen calendars.

Imagine if everyone you worked with had a calendar practice as strong as you do. Imagine how much more effective your entire team, entire company would be, how much happier you’d be, they’d be, your customers would be.

What if, instead of you and your company, it was your scrappiest competitor that had this amazing calendar practice. A practice that allowed them to execute flawlessly while you were stuck in one more meeting in that stale conference room.

‘How to Use a Calendar – Enterprise Edition’ takes the concepts of commitment, accountability, and weekly (p)review covered in the individual ‘How to Use a Calendar‘ program and extends them into the your office.

In the end, your team will have more effective meetings, more accurate estimation, a lowered risk of burnout, and resolution to your team’s specific time management challenges.

This $2500 fee is a deposit toward tailoring the program to your team.


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