How to Use a Calendar




We all want more time.

More time for the enjoyable things, the fulfilling things, the refilling things.

Yet, the days and weeks pass by ever faster leaving us questioning what – if anything – we’ve accomplished on our most important things. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to keep up we don’t even ask.

What if there was a time-tested tool to help you stay focused on accomplishing your most ambitious and meaningful goals?

A tool that helped work become more exciting again. One that magically allowed you to finish writing that book or learn that new technology. Or to never be late again.

What if that tool was already at your finger tips?

Humanity has used this tool for centuries. Perhaps because of this long history, it’s simply assumed every one of us knows how to use it.

Your calendar.

Yes, that humble calendar. The same one shipping by default on your phone, your tablet, your laptop. The Google calendar. The paper planner that only includes doctors appointments.

In ‘How to Use a Calendar’ we’ll transform your calendar into your most powerful productivity partner.

You’ll leave knowing how to build a daily schedule based on energy – not deadlines. You’ll learn how to schedule, reschedule, and unschedule. Perhaps most importantly – you’ll learn how to find more time.


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