Put the Ask After the Parade, Not Before

A month or so back I got a knock on the front door. It was a couple high school kids asking for donations for the marching band’s new uniforms. I wasn’t thinking about the marching band at that moment. Nor was my wallet right next to the front door.

Tonight, moments before Jen and I sat down for an after dinner movie, there’s marching band faintly in the background. Our town’s 4th of July parade route is a couple streets away and considering it’s Flag Day, I thought nothing of it.

The marching band was getting closer. After pondering it for a few minutes, I went outside, looked down the street, and here comes the St. Anthony Village High School Marching Patriots. Right down my street – not a typical parade route.

Initially, I thought it was a parade (Flag Day and all) yet, as they got closer I could hear the coaches shouting out orders and I noticed all the kids were wearing normal clothes.

It stuck me – this is when to ask for donations. When I can hear the band members, all tattered and worn, trying their hardest to walk and play instruments at the same time.

Yes, other neighbors came out to watch, and yes, they made a second lap. I’m not sure there’s a better time to ask for community support. Yet they didn’t.

One thought on “Put the Ask After the Parade, Not Before

  1. You’re right Garrick! You should give that school a call and let them know what your experience was. It reminds me of being at a Little League baseball game and the kids, or myself then, going around with our hats turned up to collect for the team to buy equipment or gas money. There was no better time to do it than right then in the “heat of the moment”, maybe that is the tune the band should play when they decide that this is a good idea. I wonder if Asia ever got a around to writing a version for a marching band?

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