Saint Paul the Auto Repairman

Record highs today in Minnesota when I pulled over for an en route police car complete with lights and sirens. As I stopped, the tire jumped the curb. I didn’t think anything of it until I couldn’t move after the squad car passed me.

Now, I’m stranded yards from one of the busiest intersections in Minneapolis on the hottest day yet this year with a dead front passenger wheel. Completely unresponsive to the steering wheel.

After calling for a tow truck (“all my guys are pretty busy right now”) and pondering my next move, a mechanic from the near by semi-truck repair shop stops by.

“Hi, I’m Paul. It looks like you popped a tie rod end. I think I can pop it back into place.”

He came back with a hammer and got the wheel back on. Then, he blocked traffic as I slowly backed up into his parking lot.

After we’re safely out of traffic Paul continues, “if you can pick up a right tie rod end by 3:30, I could probably install it for you.”

Jen picks me up, we run over to a car parts shop, pick up the part and give Paul my keys, phone number, and the new tie rod end.

A couple hours later, Paul calls and I ask him what I owe him.

“Whatever you’d like.”

When we exchange car key for check, he shrugs, “the Lord told me to fix your car.”

Thank you Lord and thank you St. Paul.

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One thought on “Saint Paul the Auto Repairman

  1. Now that was a good day. Don’t see too many people like that and it makes you think twice about laughing at “my boss is a Jewish carpenter” bumper stickers.

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