Sales Clerk Shops Competiton With Customer

Until now there were only 5 responses you’ll receive when asking a store clerk about an item:

  1. “Yes, we have it. Allow me to get it for you.”
  2. “Yes we have it. It’s in aisle 4, I’ll show you.”
  3. “Yes we have it. It’s in aisle 4.”
  4. “No, we don’t carry it.”
  5. “No, we don’t carry it. Try my competitor.”

That was before Jhanice Nelson.

Nelson introduced a whole response. It’s a response that understands how shopping fits into a customer’s life goals and how their value to a store can be measured in customer evangelism and lifetime purchases.

“You came to me with a wardrobe problem, and I wanted to help you solve it,” she said. Just because she didn’t have anything to sell me shouldn’t stop her from helping me, she said.

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