Save Your Customers A 39 Cent Annoyance

Ironically, since the USPS raised the postage for a first-class letter to 39 cents, I’ve found myself with more outgoing mail.

Both Netflix and my bank provide postage paid envelopes for my correspondence with them. So, it surprises and annoys me when I have to hunt down a stamp for things far more important than my latest DVD rental.

39 cents.

A trivial amount to bring a little joy to your customers and better guarantee timely replies.

One thought on “Save Your Customers A 39 Cent Annoyance

  1. I run my own law practice in Australia and I have found many clients are very happy to simply deposit the amount of the bill into my bank account. Account details appear at the bottom of each bill. If they are uncomfortable to do an internet transfer of funds into my account, they can go to a bank branch and deposit the funds that way. Many people here no longer have cheque books and are comfortable to deposit funds striaght into an account rather than having to go to a bank and have a bank cheque produced. I have been toying with providing clients the option of paying accounts by credit card but the merchant fees (sometimes a % of the total bill) seem exorbitant.

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