Say When

When was the last time you – yes, you, specifically – thought, “I sure would enjoy [insert favorite publication] more if they inserted more advertisements.”

Thought so.

A friendly reminder that readers, viewers, fans, etc aren’t the people pushing and demanding advertisements.

“‘Deal with it’ doesn’t mean ‘Make better advertising’ or ‘Target your advertising more effectively’ or ‘Turn your users into marketers’ (which is Facebook’s latest idea). All that is just just more grasp.” – Doc Searls


“He knowingly took multiple ads for a movie that he he hasnt seen, but believes to be vile. What does that say about Mr OReilly?” – Mark Cuban

For Cuban to know O’Reilly dislikes the movie, O’Reilly would have had to mention it (not an ad?), Cuban buys some ad time to see how much (relevance?). Think O’Reilly’s fans would miss this conversation if it went away completely?

6 thoughts on “Say When

  1. I think Mischke is a bit of an anomaly.

    I think the advertisers (apparently) put up with his sarcasm and occasionally mockery of the very products he pitches because, well, it’s Mischke, and at least their name is being mentioned, and perhaps people will remember them.

    I’m not sure Mischke’s methods would work for most advertising platforms…

    That said, I agree. Many of Mischke’s ads are great, very much part of the show.

  2. …but at the same time, I wouldn’t complain if they removed the ads, and replaced that time with more Mischke just being himself… which, I think, was Garrick’s point.

  3. What about bridal magazines? Would anyone buy one if it didn’t have ads?

    Or home improvement magazines? Golf Magazines? PC Magazines?

    Ads, when relevant, can be valuable content.

  4. Ed, you sort of bring up a chicken vs. egg issue.

    “Would anyone buy one if it didn’t have ads?”

    No. It wouldn’t exist without the ads.

    But does anyone need these magazines any longer with relevant online content? If I I should decide to start golfing, I would find a Web site and I’m reasonably sure I could find a good blog that would tell me the clubs to buy as a beginner who may quit golfing after a month. (Would probably refer me to Craig’s List.)

    Ads can be cool to look at when creative but they are very low on my list of info sources when purchasing just about anything these days.

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